Anyone been hassled while using a metal detector?

If you metal detect or just hunt for hidden treasures then post your stories and find here. Everyone enjoys a good lost treasure story or news find and they're welcome here as well.

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Re: Anyone been hassled while using a metal detector?

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Mojave Gold wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 5:29 pm I have been detecting on-and-off since the mid 1970s. Have only been hassled a few times - usually by stray dogs - but more often (unfortunately) by other detectorists that believe they have an exclusive claim on their favorite local public spots. One of my favorite memories was detecting a sand play area in a public park we had never hit before. A local detectorist was there ahead of us with a very high-$ detector, and verbally scoffed at our 'inferior' equipment. He raced through the area, ignoring 'trash' signals from his machine, while we followed behind, digging all non-iron signals. He left in a huff, after I dug up my second gold (jewelry) target that he had passed over.
The last part was hilarious! If I ever go Metal Detecting, I always try to dig up all signals, I once watched a video of someone finding a Morgan Dollar on a Signal that sounded like (to him) a penny.
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Re: Anyone been hassled while using a metal detector?

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Earle42 wrote: Mon Sep 27, 2021 9:38 pm Yes...but in a different way. Going through a metal detector in Athens Greece in the 80s they stopped me for my belt buckle. Its 30.06 shell filled with lead, a spent primer, and a bullet head that comes off. The guy before me put a lead lined camera bag though easily big enough to hold two pistols. They never even opened the bag!

I showed them the bullet was dead by taking it apart. But they left me buckle-less with loose pants. However I saw another guard on the other side wink at me. Sure enough, before I got on the plane he caught up to me and handed me the buckle mumbling something about the guys at the metal detector being ridiculous....


THAT kind of metal detector...

Nope sorry.
Thanks for that Earl, gave me a good laugh
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Re: Anyone been hassled while using a metal detector?

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I just purchased an Xp Deus, all the gear. Did a little research and found out i needed a permit so i applied online. 4 to5 days to wait it says. 3 days go by and i just want to try it out somewhere. i went to the park with no intension of digging, but just to see if there was a difference than when home. I was not there for more than 10 minutes, barely got it assembled and a park ranger showed up, hassled me and gave me a ticket. Got Permit today, going to try again.

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Re: Anyone been hassled while using a metal detector?

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You cannot detect on State property in Delaware unless it's a beach. You used to be able to hunt county property but that was 20 years ago. Things may have changed. They are OK selling state property with heavy civil war use to housing developers with bulldozers, but detectorists can't be on it.

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