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Forum Posting Rules

#1 Unread post by Daniel » Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:41 am

It's important to read these guidelines for posting on this forum since they will help you get better results from your questions and prevent you from offending another member. We're here to learn or help other people learn and to brag about our finds or even promote coins we have for sale.

So we need to keep it civil, appropriate and accurate in our replies to topics and the information we provide. It's important for visitors or new members to see a wealth of information without personal comments to another member sprinkled in between this important information. It serves only as a distraction and is a huge turn off for many people.

  1. Before you start your first topic or start another topic, have clear images ready to upload that are of both sides of the coin and of the entire coin, plus any up-close images of the area in question.
  2. When posting a topic don't ever assume anything. Don't assume that anyone else will understand what you're saying or that they will see what you're seeing with your coin. So be detailed in describing what you think you're seeing on your coin. Please don't post a coin image so that we can guess what you think is wrong with your coin. We have contest for that.
  3. a. For advanced collecting members please post an explanation of the acronyms and advanced collecting terms so other members can understand and learn from your posts and topics. It's a fact that a large majority of members and guests have no idea what most terms and acronyms mean.
  4. It's very important for members to be kind and courteous to other members and thank them for post and to be understanding of any possible limitation of any given member. We have no way of knowing what struggles a person is enduring in their life and family, but it has to be a consideration when replying to another members posts.

    Just don't be hasty in your replies if something has upset you, and send a polite PM asking the member to explain themselves better. Don't post it in the open topic, please.
  5. Ultimately this forum is about Numismatics so any topic should be about that subject and every topic should be filled with replies that is additional and helpful information, even if it's an agreement with a prior reply from another member, or just a thanks for the posts. All other quarries should go to PM's.
  6. Please don't ask personal questions in reply to a topic. For example, don't ask publically how much a person paid for a coin. I have seen this happen a lot in other forums and most coin collectors find this offensive because they like their transaction private. If a member wants other members to know what they paid for a coin or where they got it then they will post it in their topic. Otherwise send them a kind PM asking them such questions.
  7. Please don't bring PM's or emails with another member into the open forum areas, what's discussed in PM's and emails is between you and the other member. It's not appropriate to post about them in the public forum.
  8. Please don't be impatient with other members no matter how many times you have to explain something. It's obvious the member is having trouble understanding the information provided, is trying to learn, and might have issues with remembering detailed and new information, most people do.
  9. a. Also, if you find yourself getting frustrated with another member don't let them know with the tone of your replies. I know it's not easy sometimes, but you should never tell a person "I already explained this to you." tone. It's not helpful and is talking down to another adult and is offensive. It just doesn't matter how many times or how many members another member ask for help, we're all here to learn or teach. So how many times it takes is how many times it will be explained with courtesy and understanding.
  10. Lastly, don't use all caps in your topic titles or posts, it considered yelling and will no longer be allowed. If you need to accentuate a word or phrase then use the bold or italicized features in the toolbar.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions on these posting rules then feel free to send me a PM.

Thanks to everyone!


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