Thursday Debt Ceiling Issue Affect Price Gold & Silver

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Thursday Debt Ceiling Issue Affect Price Gold & Silver

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you’re aware of the upcoming debt ceiling crisis, which is coming to a head tomorrow. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has indicated that the “extraordinary measures” taken by the Treasury to continue to fund the U.S. government will be exhausted on Thursday, October 17th. If Congress is unable to reach an agreement with respect to increasing the debt ceiling by tomorrow, the government will remain in a partial shutdown and runs the risk of a default. The uncertainty surrounding the resolution of the matter has created chaos in the markets; especially in the stock and precious metals markets, where we have seen wild fluctuations over the past few days. While all markets will be affected to some extent depending on what transpires tomorrow, we thought that we would take a minute to explore the potential impact on the precious metals market; namely gold and silver. - See more at:


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