Minnesota Law HF-157 Violates our civil rights??

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Minnesota Law HF-157 Violates our civil rights??

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I am completely stunned after reading the Minnesota Law "HF-157". It looks like it was written in 1935 Germany. I can understand protecting buyers of anything from unscrupulous predatory sellers but this law goes too far! Every penalty is left open ended for the commissioner to execute as he sees fit. We can even be charged if they believe we "might" be "about" to sell someone a coin with a precious metal content, unbelievable. I know this law has been in effect for a couple years (retroactive to 12 months prior) but it's the first I've heard of it and it blew my mind. The terminology is so similar to Hitler's addendums and criminal violations act that swept through Europe in the 30's & 40's that it actually made my skin crawl! In essence, anyone who seeks to sell or trade a single coin in Minnesota, (even on eBay, while sitting at a computer in Florida), has to apply for a permit/license and submit to rigorous personal background inspections. Then, once licensed, the seller must comply and allow random inspections of all personal, business or "suspected" personal or business, property, inventory, whether in their house, business location or even on their person, completely at the will and discretion of acting commissioner. Basically the same treatment as a person fresh out of prison and on parole. Even the penalties and fines are left to the commissioner to decide, wow!
I am so glad I came across an ad on eBay today that informs potential buyers that they will not do business with Minnesota residents and I hope everyone else already knows about this crazy, Nazi-Like law and protects themselves against illegal search and seizure as well as a long list of other rights violations. Just search "Minnesota law HF-157" (I believe it stands for "Holy F*** -157!!!)

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