Disabled, Need a Hobby, But Still Need to Pay Bills

Tell us a little about yourself or what and why you collect. You can post question here also.

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Disabled, Need a Hobby, But Still Need to Pay Bills

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I very much hope I'm wrong, but I tried twice at 4 o'clock in the morning to write an introduction only to see it disappear when I went back to check for edits.

Please let me know if there is any hope either of them forwarded to you.

Otherwise, I'm here, I enjoy collecting, but I'm forcibly retired early due to disability and I'm hoping to grow and learn so I can provide a tiny bit more than a disability check for my family. I can build a collection as God allows, but right now, as soon as humanly possible, my 19 year old son needs help with monthly car payments. I had a career that would easily been capable of paying his college tuition and a car like we did for his older sister, but as it is today he's having to do it all himself and it breaks my heart.

I need the fun and relaxation of collecting, but the immediate need is to find a community that can help me learn how to identify common coins for tiny profits. As a former business consultant, my greatest skill was also my biggest detrimental trait. I studied too hard. In numismatics, I find it nearly impossible to reliably sift through the more questionable advice to find those who are of the honest character trait. From what I've seen on YouTube, this is a great community to start with. I have always taught my children to repay their debts so I hope someday soon I will be able to contribute instead of the other way around.

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Re: Disabled, Need a Hobby, But Still Need to Pay Bills

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Welcome to the community! I hope things do turn around for you. However, looking for coins in pocket change isn't going to provide enough extra income to pay bills. This is for fun and searching not making money, if you want to make money then you need to develop relationships with dealers and buy the stuff they don't care about and have too much of. Then you can sell it in Facebook groups and maybe even an antique booth.

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Re: Disabled, Need a Hobby, But Still Need to Pay Bills

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Good Luck
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