Doing the best I can in all aspects of coin collecting as there is so much in it

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Doing the best I can in all aspects of coin collecting as there is so much in it

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Hello,coins have always catch my attention,I remember as a kid if a bill was given to me for helping around or as a gift,I always changed it into coins,the value of money somehow felt more real than paper,maybe because of the solid heavier weight,and seem to be more.i was saving coins even before I even new they were errors,I saved them because they look different or if I never had one like it before.with the time started to learn more and got deeper into collecting,buying and trading.i also desided to start selling so I can get some money back and let other people buy what they are looking for if I have it.mostly circulated non graded coins,not the greatest but I really good shape.i started listing on eBay but eBay seems to not fallow their own policies,there are coins uncertified selling for thousands of dollars and supposibly $2500 it the limit asking price,how are they still for sell? By the way most of them are not what the description say. Lately someone with access to eBay's domains have been wrongfully abusing the power removing my listings without consideration.just with an email saying it doesn't fallow the counterfeit coins are not even replicas,mostly circulated,mint sets and from coin coins might not be the best looking or higher graded coins,my descriptions are describing each coin by it's name,always singles never as a they removed all of my listings,even novelty playing money...this violates my sellers rights,but that won't make me stop from looking and learning. Any other places to sell raw coins?it's takes me a lot of time to have all the right research and ok pictures to post a coin, to just get it removed so favoritized sellers can have less competition.

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