USCG coin grading service

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USCG coin grading service

#1 Unread post by spc1958 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:32 pm

Hello everyone. New to the site specifically to ask if anyone can give me information about the quality of coins graded by, and the reputability of USCG coin grading service. I've only found very limited anything (one site identifying them) on Google, and find only one coin on eBay graded by them. I've purchased a number of coins from a seller on the website. The coins tend to grade on the high end, but (with my limited experience) do appear to be authentic. They also sell a lot of markedly toned coins. It appears I got suckered into buying a number of ANGS graded coins tonight and found this website when investigating the legitimacy of that grader. I will likely have the coins regarded by NGC or PCGS. Anyway, if anyone can provide any info on USCG, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: USCG coin grading service

#2 Unread post by Daniel » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:14 am

I compiled all the grading services that you see on this website and USCG is not a real company or grading service. They wasn't active in grading collector's coins and existed for the sole purpose of grading their own coins too high to make a profit. I doubt any will cross over to PCGS.

If you like you can post images of these coins here and I will evaluate them.

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