coin questions about 1972 penny

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coin questions about 1972 penny

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Ok hopefully these are better than the other photos i posted. Are these double die pennies? Also can someone help me identify the dollar coin? I know there is 3 types but im not sure what type this coin is?My last question is about the mexican coin? Is it worth anything?
2014-08-10 23.42.05-1.jpg
2014-08-10 23.40.53-1.jpg
2014-08-10 23.44.43-1.jpg
2014-08-10 23.44.15-1.jpg
2014-08-10 23.43.31-1.jpg
2014-08-10 23.42.50-1.jpg

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Re: coin questions about 1972 penny

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Sorry to tell you those pennies are not the double dies from 1972. The DDO from 72 had very strong doubling. There are minor doubles from that year that do not have much value. Sorry.

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Re: coin questions about 1972 penny

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The Mexican coin is worth face value in Mexico and here's the Earth types for Eisenhower Dollars

The cents do not look like doubled dies.

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