2020 D Rainbow Penny

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2020 D Rainbow Penny

#1 Unread post by Rcarv »

please don't grill me to hard lol..
I am very new.. I bought around $75 in rolls of pennys and ran across this thing... out of thousands of 2020s this one has a holographic look to it... you can tell it has never been in circulation.. is it uncommon or what?

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Re: 2020 D Rainbow Penny

#2 Unread post by MLC »

It is just toned worth 1 penny
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Re: 2020 D Rainbow Penny

#3 Unread post by Daniel »

Nice coin, just put it back.

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Re: 2020 D Rainbow Penny

#4 Unread post by Blondebear »

I think it's beautiful! I love toned coins. I would totally save that one. I wouldn't send it in for grading or anything, but it would definitely be part of my collection! Nice find!

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Re: 2020 D Rainbow Penny

#5 Unread post by SensibleSal66 »

Love toned coins as well .I would just put it in a 2x2 and save it .
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Re: 2020 D Rainbow Penny

#6 Unread post by Paul »

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Re: 2020 D Rainbow Penny

#7 Unread post by Coin Mule »

Hey R, well I like it, I wouldn't pay you for it, but I do like it. Get a holder and put "Asgardian Penny, toned in Thors pocket while crossing the Rainbow Bridge" MS 90, then put it up on ebay, wait, maybe I will buy it from you
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