1962d Triple Repunched Date..?

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Re: 1962d Triple Repunched Date..?

#11 Unread post by TheTinMan » Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:00 am

Daniel; Do you mean the 21'st century?
I'm not saying that this is a master die issue on my coin, but according to this article they reused some master's for more than a decade, re-engraving the last two digits.

"There were many engraving issues on master dies, which are often confused as hub doubling. (Reused master hubs had to have the last digit or two engraved into the master die.)

1. 1932 cents on the 32. Photo courtesy of grnwavdav (David Miller)

An additional example is this doubled forehead, nose, and chin seen on 1946 cents.

There were many other cases of master die doubling, too numerous to demonstrate here, but the most often confused case is in 1972. There were 2 master dies used this year, one showed “doubling” and one did not. Jason Cuvelier’s tutorial on this subject can be seen...

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Re: 1962d Triple Repunched Date..?

#12 Unread post by Daniel » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:03 am

You're mixing doubled dies and repunched dates and doubled dies should never be mentioned in the same conversation. No repunched date in 1962 your just causing confusion for newbies who read this.