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USA error Penny's for Sale complete set of 23 pieces!

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:43 am
by Mickey
Hello, I recently joined Coin Help! Also have submitted pictures of the set to Mr.Daniel Malone.Looking for interest in the set
of 23 pieces or USA error Pennys.To view this set online please visit FACEBOOK.COM in the SEARCH BAR type in
"Beg" and you'll see a picture of LION, that's me.The set is on my WALL. Kindly leave a message either on Facebook mail or
via Coin help to or Both if you like.Thanks million for being there is a community.I live in Kissimmee,FL USA

PS. The coins are not listed on any auctions,yet! just my Facebook page.

Today I am ready with another set of 27 pieces to complete the entire set of TOTAL 50 pieces.
Wating for Mr.Daniel Malone to give the go ahead to send in the rest of the pictures.Again,I would
like to sell the entire 23 or total 50 pieces as a SET.God Bless!