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Indian Head Penny Collection for sale

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:00 am
by foxtrot-uniform
I have an Indian Head penny collection that I need to sell (for cash). It is a complete set, VF or better. I had it appraised (for insurance purposes), it appraised just over 2 years ago for $8500, so $8500 is very optimistic. I have turned down a $4K cash offer.

My house is in the woods (figuratively speaking)........since it is so far off the beaten path, I need to find an out of town auction house with the proper credentials and reputation to sell these coins on my behalf.

When I look online with a search engine, it’s not much help-to much data to sort through. So, I (suspect) I need a nudge in the right direction with finding an appropriate auction house.

I’m not opposed to using ebay, but I just don’t know how well ebay will do for getting me a reasonable price. A quick once over on the ebay site confirms that they probably aren’t the best for collections in the $3K and up range.

Suggestions please?



Re: Indian Head Penny Collection for sale

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:59 pm
by Daniel
You expect too much for your coins and I question who appraised this collection for you. Even if these were graded they would not be worth $8,500, not even if they were EF40 and that's high retail. So you're going to be disappointed anyway you try to sell them if you're basing your sell price on this appraisal. Unless you have the major varieties 4k for a raw set is not bad at all.

An auction house is going to take up to 20% of the final value anyway. I wish I could look over the coins. I would like to see why they appraised at $8500.