Rules for posting an auction!

This forum is for buying, selling and trading as well as promoting your ebay or Facebook auctions.

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Forum rules
Please mark as sold after listing sells. No fraudulent or unscrupulous activity allowed, just be honest about the coins you're selling and there won't be any problems.
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Rules for posting an auction!

#1 Unread post by mhonzell » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:46 pm

Forum rules for selling items. (Updated 2/19/17)
If you have questions, please... Just Ask!!!

Post anything coin, currency, or bullion related: tokens and medals are allowed.

5 TYPES OF POSTS WILL BE ALLOWED: (State which type of sell you are conducting in your post.)
#1- Deal or No Deal: Post your item, then members make offers and you respond Yes or No until someone hits the price you will sell for. At that point, the Seller says "Deal" and proceeds as usual.
#2- Buy It Now (BIN): No Offers will be allowed on these, so be reasonable with your price. If your price is too high it won't sell.
#3- Auctions: They are active and open for bids until there are no more bids for 24 hours after the last bid. At that time the auction will end and the last bidder wins the item. You may also add a Buy It Now price and if someone says Buy It Now (BIN) then the auction will be over and it is considered sold to that person. If you want a minimum price, state that price in your starting bid.

#4- Link to a reputable Auction: Basically, the forum administration will look at the item and determine if the auction description matches the coin being sold.
#5- Link to a Coin or Currency Retail Outlet: Yep, you can drop your advertisement card in the Advertisement forum for all to follow.

For Auctions:
Your post must include an honest description of the item being sold!
If an error or variation is described, it must be visible in the photos or described on the encapsulation.
Your posts must include starting price, shipping cost, payment methods, and photos.
The Buy It Now (BIN) price, if you choose to use it.
NOTE: Shipping is free, if not posted.
Sellers should consider combining shipping for multiple item winners to increase bids.

Example write-up:

SB: $50
BIN: $120
Shipping: $3.50 + Insurance, if desired.
Payment: Paypal, MO

[*]Graded by ANACS as EF-45 and contained in one of the small white ANACS holders. This is a beautiful coin! The FS-301 is a rather unusual coin as the numerals 53 were punched over 54, and the right arrowhead's shaft is doubled. On this coin, each can easily be seen. The reverse has some multi-hued toning and sharp details. This is the only quarter-dollar date known to be punched over the following year!"
PayPal payments must be Goods and Services. We play by the rules here and don't cheat anyone, not even PayPal, out of their fees, plus we want to protect our Buyers and Sellers.

Bidding increments will be a minimum of $0.50 (with no maximum bid.)
No odd numbered bidding. (e.g. $1.53)
Bidding is in US Dollars since this is based in the USA.
[*]If you are from out of the USA you must check with the Seller to see if they are willing to ship and you will be responsible for the fees.

An item can NOT be edited or deleted once it has a bid. Seller may comment on their own listing. (Posts show time and date of any edits.)
No bid retractions!

The Seller should use a private message to the Buyer to announce winning the bid and arrange for payment.

Shipping must be done within 48 hours of payment.

Other rules:
Use your Administrators. We are here to help.
If payments, shipping or other rules are not followed let one of us know.
If you make other arrangements let one of us know so if things don't go well, we'll have the information.
Keep abbreviations to a minimum. Not everyone understands them.
Items posted for one week without a bid will be closed to comment. Or, item may be deleted by the Seller.
Basically, no comments at all except to bid. All other comments should be directed by message to the seller.
No Chit-Chat or comments on other members. Only ask questions after reading the description.
Once SOLD, no further comments on an item will be allowed. Private messages should be used.

Last but not least clean up after yourself. Leave items posted until paid for and received by the Buyer.
Failure to follow the rules will lead to a warning. If failure continues, the member may be banned from the forum.

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Re: Rules for posting an auction!

#2 Unread post by Daniel » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:58 pm

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