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Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:20 pm
by regandon
Alias: Pilgrim 1920. 1921.

Occasion: Various local celebrations throughout New En­gland. honoring the Pilgrim Fathers' arrivals at Provincetown and Plymouth Rock (1620): the coins presumably helped raise funds for these.

Designs: Imaginary portrait of Gov. William Bradford (1590-1675. author of History of Plimmoth Plantations) holding a bible. Initial D below his elbow is that of the designer. Cyrus E. DAM. Rev. is intended for the Mayflower in full sail, though it has an anachronistic flying jib (from bowsprit to a stay ex­tending from foremast).

Authorizing Act: May 12, 1920.

Mintage: Authorized, 300.000 total; coined. Oct. 1920. [200.000 + 112 assay]. July 1921, [100.000]; melted, 1920. 48.000. 1921. 80,000.

Proofs: 1920. two matte. respectively ex .1. R. Sinnock and In Reed: 1921. one seen by Wayte Raymond. reportedly matte, untraced.

Grader r to UNC. Many spent or mishandled by the general public.

First Wear Points: Cheekbone. hair above ear. crow's nest.