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Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:32 pm
by regandon
Alias: Maine.

Occasion: To help defray cost of Maine Centennial Celebra­tion, Portland.

Designs: State arms: moose couchant, behind him a pine tree; supporters, Agriculture with scythe, Commerce with anchor; crest, the Blazing Star with motto DIRIGO, 'I lead.' Rev.. wreath of some kind of long-leaf pine; Maine = "Pine Trcc State." The moose apparently alludes to the fur trade, the pine tree the lumber industry; the scythe suggests some aboveground crops (potatoes would have been harder to emblematize). the anchor Maine's fisheries and lobster trappers. Devices were ap­parently prescribed by the Centennial Commission, modeled by Anthony de Francisci. altered by Morgan and/or Sinnock.

Authorizing Act: May 10, 1920,

Mintage: Authorized. 100.000; coined, [50,000 + 28 assay]. They were sold through much of 1921. by the State Treasurer, long after the celebration ended.

Profs: Matte finish; forgeries exist, authentication manda­tory.

Grader r to UNC. The public spent many, mishandled many others. Central details on moose and pine tree were flat in the original model, no better even on proofs (Swiatek-Breen, p. 150). Faces arc always weak.

First Wear Points: Hands adjacent to shield; bow knot.
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