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Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:29 pm
by regandon
Alias: Illinois; Lincoln.

Occasion: To help finance county celebrations statewide.

Designs: Beardless bust of Lincoln is George T. Morgan's translation of Andrew O'Conner's heroic statue. unveiled at Springfield, Aug. 1918, as part of centennial ceremonies. John R. Sinnock's eagle turns away from the rising sun. i.e.. west­ward like the immigrants into Illinois; scroll bears state motto STATE SOVEREIGNTY NATIONAL UNION.

Authorizing Act: June I. 1918.

Mintage: Authorized. 100,000; coined, (100.000 + 58 assay], Aug. 1918.

Proofs: At least 2 in satin finish, reportedly others in matte finish.

Grader VF. to UNC. The public mishandled many, spent many others.

First Wear Points: Hair above ear. cheekbones, brow, jaw. grass, eagle's breast.