The problem using a USB Microscoes

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The problem using a USB Microscoes

#1 Unread post by DSCoins » Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:54 am

Sorry about how long this post is.
I am as guilty as everyone else when it came to using a microscope to search my coins. After a few comments by someone I will not name, told me a number of times I was trying to hard. At that tine my thinking was how could I be trying to hard, after all it was right there on the coin as seen? After this individual commented in some other posts about the use of microscopes while coin roll hunting I finally sat back to think about what was being said about using the microscope. When I first got into coin roll hunting all I had was my own two eyes and one of those clip on desk lighted (can't call it a microscope because it was just somewhere around 5x-10x). So in total I had 3 items to search with. One being my eyes the second being the deck clip on magnifier and three being another hand held magnifier. I can't tell you why because I don't know myself I bought a really cheep USB microscope. I discovered that I was actually missing things with the microscope I was catching with the hand held magnifier. Do to reasons I can't or will not get into but will say I had not been able to search since 2014. When I started searching again my loving spouse surprised me with new and better microscope.

So, that leads us to today. As I had mentioned earlier that this individual finally made me sit back and think about my approach into using the microscope. To put my mind to rest on this, I placed a incandescent light just off my right side, with it adjusted to the spot on my desk where I would normally search coins with just my eyes and the hand held magnifier *(note. I also tested it out with a lamp sitting on the desk and adjusted to a spot I would be able work comfortably. end note)* I than searched the coins on the microscope. I found a few odd things and some that I thought were really something. The next thing I did was search the coins with just my eyes, the first thing I noticed, was that as I moved the coin around in my hands is that what thought was something wasn't at all. OH I also used the magnifying glass, but I will get to that in a minute. Now back to my eyes. As I moved the coin around in my hand I was able to get a 3D look at the coin, where as with the microscope it is only seeing in 2D. To actually see a coin in 3D you need one that cost well into the 4 digit numbers. Where was I, I hate it when get semi off topic. OK, because of the magnification your not really seeing what is on the coin.

Now I will say some thing using the had held magnifying glass, I was basically like using your eyes, except it did enlarge the coin. Not only that but it would also let you see any luster (not seen on the microscope) All and all I found searching by eye with a had held magnifying glass works just as will. Now that I think of it, all my major finds were found with clipped on desk magnifier. A FS-1-1982-036, 2000 P WAM, and last my favorite one the 2000-P clashed die nickel.

I am going step down from soap now, understanding why a microscope should be the last thing to use when search. Along with under standing posting a full picture of Obverse and Reverse, but will not go there now.

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