1982 d small dates

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Re: 1982 d small dates

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Tjm sadly the one you weighed in the picture is the large date and is copper at 3.2 grams. We all have developed our own little tricks to determine what is a large date and small date in the 82's. Daniels is the 8's, I look at the 8's too but I first look at the 2's. Several giveaways there. The large date 2 has a straight leg from the cruve at the top to the sharp angle to the bottom flat whereas the small date will always have a gentle curce from the top of the 2 to the bottom curve and flat bottom. Sort of looks like a swan neck. Also look at the distance to the rim. A large date is always to close to the rim that there is no the way you could shove another number between the 2 and the rim. A small date has a lot of room between the 2 and the rim, enough where another 2 would fit between the existing 2 and the rim.
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Re: 1982 d small dates

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The first two from the left are sm date zinc and in this condition worth about a penny, the one on the far right looks like a large date (it’s a really late die state) and makes you think it’s doubled but IS NOY doubled . About the weight, weight from 2.5 (+-.13) to 3.1 Gram is normal for ALL 1982s EXEPT 1982D SM DATE which never intended to be on a 3.1g planchette . So if you have a 1982-1982D that’s weight 3.1g is completely normal unless it’s a 1982D sm date.
And none of your coins are a sm date on a copper planchette

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