Hello all New here frompennsylvania

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Hello all New here frompennsylvania

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My name is Patrick and I am from Pennsylvania, I am an advid Lincoln Cent error collector. I been getting bank boxes,bags,customer wrapped rolls for 18 yrs. now, and I looked at ton's of Lincoln Cents. I am listed on web sites for finding new dies in the great hobby that we all love, I also sell on Ebay the extra dies I find and do really well. I have lot of knowledge with the Lincoln cents as far as Doubled Dies, Traildies, Cuds, and other error's. I will do my best in here to help anyone that need's it. I been doing it for 18 yrs. and there is sometimes I get stumped on a die I never seen before and have to ask questions. This is a growing hobby that is a fun relaxing and rewarding one. I will do this hobby until I cannot no more, it is an addiction that I cannot stop.

Also I use different banks to order coin in for me, I go as far as 60 miles to get pennies, reason is I like to see how coins circulate and what I could find different from where I am. Just to let you all know also is that certain banks are not giving coin unless you have an account with them, the banks I go to I have accounts with 2 out of 8 banks I use. I have developed over the years a friendship with the tellers and I have no problem getting coin from non member places, so everyone have fun hunting and cherry picking also finding the error coin you want for your collection. Like I always say "you never know what you will find in a brick of pennies".

Patrick G.

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Re: Hello all New here frompennsylvania

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Re: Hello all New here frompennsylvania

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Welcome Patrick. Glad to have you here and look forward to hearing about your finds.
I'm an abbreviated version of you, as I've only been back into collecting Lincoln cents since 2013 when I bought a roll of wheats online to celebrate my birthday. And it's been an obsessive ride ever since, that I love!!

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