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Looking For Content Editors

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:31 am
by Daniel
I am currently looking for content editors. My goal is to have a page for every date and mint mark of every US Coin type and denomination, and to move the pages I have completed to the new wordpress mobile platform.

I want CoinHELP! LLC to become the resource for coin collectors and I need your help getting there.

Description of job duties. I will assign a type and denomination and you will copy and paste a template, change the date and mint mark, then image, and add generic values for each date and mint mark for that coin series. Proofs included.

Payment will be based on how large the series. In example: Jefferson Nickels are going to pay more than Peace Dollars because the Jefferson Nickels are more labor intensive with all the dates and mint marks.

If you're interested then send me a private message to discuss.