Die Clash Mint Errors
Lincoln Memorial Obverse And Reverse Die Clash
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What happens when a planchet fails to enter the die chamber to be struck? It causes a die clash.

You have the anvil die and it's stationary and has the reverse design, then the hammer die with the obverse design, and the obverse design is upside down in orientation to the reverse design.

So when there's no planchet for the hammer die to strike then it strikes the anvil die. When this happens it imparts design features from the opposite die's face.

An example would be a Lincoln Memorial Cent die clash, on the obverse of the coin you would see the pillars of the Memorial (nicknamed Prison Cent) or you might see Lincoln's bust outline over the Memorial on the reverse.

Often this is caught by a mint employee and they will attempt to file the clash marks off the dies, sometimes this creates odd and numerous amounts of die file lines on the die's surface. You will often see these struck on coins as well.

The die filing sessions have also created a few varieties over the years, from missing designer initials or other missing design elements, and a couple are listed here Filed and Over-Used Dies.

To help you identify Die Clash mint errors here are overlay images for each coin type and denomination Lincoln Cent Overlays.
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Liberty Cap Half Cent
Draped Bust Half Cent
Classic Head Half Cent
Braided hair Half Cent

Flowing Hair Large Cent
Draped Bust Large Cent
Classic Head Large Cent
Coronet Head Large Cent
Braided Hair Large Cent

Flying Eagle Small Cent
Indian Head Small Cent
Lincoln Wheat Small Cent
Lincoln Memorial Small Cent

Two Cent Shield

3 Cents Nickel
3 Cents Silver

Shield Nickel
Liberty V Nickel
Buffalo Nickel
Jefferson Nickel

Flowing Hair Half Dime
Draped Bust Half Dime
Capped Bust Half Dime
Seated Liberty Half Dime

Draped Bust Dime
Capped Bust Dime
Seated Liberty Dime
Barber Head Dime
Mercury Head Dime
Silver Roosevelt Dime

Seated Twenty Cent

Draped Bust Quarter
Capped Bust Quarter
Seated Liberty Quarter
Barber Head Quater
Standing Liberty Quarter
Silver Washington Quarter
State Washington Quarter

Flowing Hair Half Dollar
Draped Bust Half Dollar
Capped Bust Half Dollar
Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Barber Head Half Dollar
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Franklin Head Half Dollar
Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

Flowing Hair Dollar
Draped Bust Dollar
Seated Liberty Dollar
Trade Dollar Dollar
Morgan Head Dollar
Peace Dollar
Eisenhower Dollar

Susan B. Anthony Dollar
Sacagawea Dollar
Presidential Dollar

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