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(Major Help For Ebay Coin Auction Bidders)

Considering that some of the best deals on coins can be won at ebay auctions, and since it's the largest coin show in the world, then it's important for collectors to learn how to buy coins at ebay coin auctions and learn how not to fall victim to fraud or unscrupulous seller tactics.

Here you will find the coin collecting information you need to stay ahead of the bad sellers, plsu learn some news of what's going on in the coin collecting world.

Finding Coins $5 Or Less At Ebay
You can find some great bargains and this guide tells you how and give you the links so you don't have to search them yourself.
DMPL And Proof Like Morgan Dollars
Many ebay sellers don't know what a DMPL or Proof Like coin looks like or even how they're minted. A few think they're proof coins or related in some way, but that's not true, so learn the facts and be better informed.
Non-Mint Errors
I see a lot of post mint damaged coins for sale that are being called mint errors, but one look at these non-mint error images will prove that some so-called mint errors did not happen at the mint.
How To Sell Coins At Ebay
If you want to be successful selling coins, or any item for that matter, at ebay then you need to read this important information with tips for great success.

Don't Buy Fake Coins
You can still find fake coins at ebay and if you don't know this information then you stand a chance of buying one and not even know it. Here's images and information on how to idenfity fake coins.
Identifying Cleaned Coins
Very important guide here because there's a lot more cleaned coins offered at ebay then you think, and worse, they're not easy to identify unless you know the facts. This guide gives you all the information you need to spot cleaned coin auctions.
Buying Unsearched Coins
This is you how to and what not to do guide on buying unsearched coin lots and collections at ebay, not all them are equal, and sady not all sellers are honest about their coin being unsearched.
40%-90% Silver Coins
Not all US Silver coins are 90% silver, and not all Eisenhower Dollar, Jefferson Nickel or Half Dollar is silver, then you have some halves that are 40% silver clad. Here's an indepth guide on each coin that's either 90% or 40% silver, and which coins are not.
Fake, Altered, Replica Coins
Ebay sellers can't sell copies or replica coins anymore, but that doesn't stop them from listing them and not telling anybody.
So-Called Unsearched Rolls With Promising End Coins
This is a biggie and still a huge problem at ebay, just remember that there's a few sellers who are not honest and they will put decent coins on the end of common and junk rolls they wrapped and crimped. So don't fall for this scam.
Graded Coin Holders You Should Avoid At All Cost
So many sellers putting their coins in holders, grading the coins they own, then printing out a label for the holder then selling them at ebay. It's all about profit since they over-grade their coins and most often never tell the bidders their coins are cleaned or damaged.
1914-D Lincoln Cent Authenticate ID
1922 No D Lincoln Cent Authenticate ID
1909-S Lincoln Authenticate ID
Important information on how to know if these Lincoln Wheat Cents are real deal. You shouldn't buy these coins without learning the facts in these guides.
How To Collect And Buy Indian Cents
Facts and information on the Indian Cents to buy and how to collect them.
How To Buy Morgan Silver Dollars
A lot of Morgan Dollar collectors think they know what they're doing when buyng their favorite coin, but if you haven't learn importan facts about Morgan Dollars then you don't know how to buy them properly and risk a chance of getting ripped off.

Unsearched Roll Auctions Are Not What They Appear
Thinking of buying unsearched rolls and finding a rare coin? Ebay sellers are listing rolls they wrapped and crimped themselves and some are placing what could be good coins on the ends. You might want to read this report.
Finding Valuable Roosevelt Dimes
You can find valuable coins in the Roosevelt Dime series and here's how.
Know Your Mint Marks For US Coins
You should know what and where mint marks are on US Coins since this can affect their values and often dramatically.
Do You Own A Valuable 1981-S Susan B Anthony Dollar?
Check your proof sets for this valuable mint mark variety.
How to identify 1916 Stading Liberty Quarters
Identify real 1916 key date Stading Quarter even without a date.

1916-D Mercury Silver Dime ID Authenticate
The most counterfieted key date in US Coin collecting, learn how to identify and authenticate this most often altered dime. So don't buy one or try to sell one until you read these facts and examine these images.

1937-D Buffalo Nickel ID Authenticate
One of the most famous mint error coins and one of the most misunderstood. Learn how to weed out the fakes from the authentic.

The First Coin Grading Service
ANACS American Numismatic Association Certification Service is the first coin grading service. No matter what you've been told ANACS begin assigning grades beginning in 1979 as an option.

How to identify authentic 1912-S Liberty V Nickels
Learn how to identify authentic 1912-S Liberty V Nickel rare key date US Coin.

How to identify authentic 1893-S Morgan Dollars
Learn how to identify real 1893-S Morgan Dollars, the most rare business strike Morgan Dollar.

1894 Morgan Dollar Is The Second Rarest Of the Series
Learn how to identify real 1894 Morgan Dollars, the second most rare business strike Morgan Dollar.