Capped Die Mint Errors (aka. Bottle Caps - Mushrooms)
Reverse Capped Die
Two Piece, Bonded Deep, Capped Die
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Values for Die Caps is several hundred dollars and type coins tend to bring higher premiums and depends on the denomination, type, date and grade, plus which thrid party grading service certified the error. Certain Capped Die mint errors can sell for thousands of dollars.
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Obverse Capped Die
A Capped Die is when a struck planchet becomes stuck onto the end of the die, and this causes the coin to become concave and thinner as it continues to strike more planchets. The opposite side that's facing the other die will strike the other die or other coins and this will cause a distortion of the coin's reverse design or obverse design depending on the die the coin is stuck to.

A Capped Die coin is often referred to as a bottle cap or mushroom because of their similarity in shape. So when you see a "deep" Capped Die it's going to have depth similar to a bottle cap, but there's some die caps that fell off the die sooner so they will not have as much depth. Also there's Die Caps struck through a blank planchet and will look similar to a uniface strike, but the difference is going to be in how the coin is shaped since a Die Cap was stuck to the die and will have some amount of of a raised rim on one side.

These are not to be confused with Struck Through Die Caps or Uniface Strikes.

Not to be confused with the erronously called "Capped Die" CC Morgan Silver Dollars, which is actually a blundered but corrected large mint mark over a small mint mark. The experts are still labeling CC (Carson City) Morgan Dollars as Capped Dies, but that's just the nickname for the tiny tops of the small CC (that resemble caps or hats) atop the large CC.
Obverse "Deep" Capped Die