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American Gold Eagle
Willow Tree Shilling
French New World Coinage 1670
1710 French Colonies Coinage
1783 John Chalmers Issue 6 Pence
New Yorke In American Token
New England Shilling
Oak Tree Shiling
1787 IMMUNIS COLUMBIA, Eagle Reverse
1787 New York Excelsior Copper Eagle on Globe Facing Left
1776 New Hampshire Halfpenny (Reproduction)
1787 Brasher New York Style Doubloon EB Punch on Breast
1787 Vermont Copper, BRITANNIA
1794 Cent Talbot, Allum & Lee Cent, NEW YORK
1781 TOKEN North American Token
1787 Auctori Plebis Token
1789 Mott Token, Thin Planchet, Engrailed Edge
1790 3PENCE Standish Barry Threepence--Plugged
1794 Franklin Press Token
1796 Myddelton Token, Copper
1796 Bronze, Castorland Medal
1818 New Spain, Texas, Jola Half Real, Small Planchet
1820 North West Company Tokens
1795 Washington Grate Halfpenny, Large Buttons, Reeded Edge
1792 Half Disme Patter - First U.S. Coinage
1795 Penny Liberty and Security Asylum
1795 Washington North Wales Halfpenny, Lettered Edge
Undated Washington Success Medal, Large Size, Reeded Edge
1792 One Cent Silver Center
1792 P1C Birch Cent, Judd-5, Pollock-6 - Fair2 by NGC - Sold Jan. 6, 2009 for 86,250.00 - Heritage Coin Auctions
1792 Disme or Dime
1792 Quarter Dollar
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New Jersey
Coinage Authorized By British Royal Patent
Coinage Of William Wood
Virginia Half Pennies
Early American And Related Tokens

Elephant Tokens Circa 1672-1694
French New World Issues
French Colonies in General
Speculative Issues, Tokens, Patterns
Speculative Patterns
Coinage Of the States
New York and Related Issues
Imitation British
Private Tokens After The Confederation
Contract Issues and Patterns
Proposed Coinage
Half Cents
Large Cents
Small Cents
Three Cents
Half Dimes
Five Cents (Nickels)
Ten Cents (Dimes)
Twenty Cents
Quarter Dollars
Washington Head (1932-Date)
50 States Quarters
Half Dollars
One Dollar (Silver)
$1 Gold Princess
$2.50 Gold Quarter Eagles
$3 Gold Princess
$4 Gold Stella
$5 Gold
$10 Gold
$20 Gold
American Silver Eagle
American Eagle Gold Bullion
New! American Eagle Platinum Bullion
Washington Pieces
The U.S. Coin web pages contain facts, history, specifications, images, values and other important facts about United States Coins, US Tokens and US Colonial Coins. If you need info on a particular coin then click the link under the coin. Every U.S. Coin is represented and is a great resource with further links to expanded values, grading and other information.