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Daniel Malone Manager - Owner/Founder of CoinHELP! coin collector's website.

If you want to sell your coins or find out what they're worth then give us a call at (740) 353-0700 or (740) 858-7476 and ask for Daniel Malone.
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The amount we pay below depends on the coin's condition, the more wear a coin has the less we pay but the better the condition the more we pay. We also pay more for key dates which are low mintage dates and mints, and we will let you know if you have one. Unlike some dealers.

We are the most knowledgeable coin dealers in the Portsmouth, Ohio area.

So give us a call for potential values at 740-353-0700

Looking for silver dollars and graded coins.

Lincoln Cents 1909-1931 up to $300 for 1909-S VDB in about good

Silver Dimes $1 up to $400

Silver Quarters $2 and up to $1,000

Silver Half Dollars $3 and up to $100

Silver Dollars $15 and up depending on condition, date and mint mark. We often pay more.