Source for information and pictures where from Heritage Coin Auctions
US Private Tokens (Store Cards, Hard Times, Merchant Tokens)
Rarity Guide Scale
Fuld rarity scaleR-1: Greater than 5,000
R-2: Between 2,000 and 5,000
R-3: Between 500 and 2,000
R-4: Between 200 and 500
R-5: Between 75 and 200
R-6: Between 20 and 75
R-7: Between 10 and 20
R-8: Between 5 and 10
R-9: Between 2 and 4
R-10: Unique (one known example)

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Sutler Civil War Tokens Circa 1860's
Sutler Civil War - Merchant/Regiment
Sutler Civil War Tokens Circa 1860's Images Values
Lesher Referendum Dollars (1900-1901) Images Values
1837 1C Feuchtwanger Three Cent, Eagle Image
These token pages are currently under construction and soon will have hard time tokens, civil war tokens and store cards. So, for now, enjoy what we have completely and keep checking back for new updates to the data base, to be added soon. Thanks for visiting CoinHELP!
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