NCI - Numismatic Certification Institute
In the early 1980's Ivy and Jim Harpin merged their talents to form Heritage Rare Coin Galleries, Today Haritage Auctions. Heritage launched its own grading service. Numismatic Certification Institute. After PCGS got going NCI was closed down. This company was took to court due to the holder's and label's similarities with Heritage's slabs, but references to this are no longer available.

No more information on this grading company. Any TPGS without a website, address, phone number or email are usually "self-slabbers" who grade their own coins, sell them, and don't accept submissions from the general public. These companies are not recommended unless one can tell, first-hand, that the coin is authentic, is problem free (not cleaned or damaged), and graded appropriately. If you have any information on this company contact us here CoinHELP!
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