What do fake counterfeit Morgan Dollars weigh
Fake - Counterfeit 1903-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Image
Authentic Morgan Dollar Image
Morgan Dollars Counterfeit/Authentic Comparisons

It's amazing the amount of fake Morgan Dollars that can still be found in collections and being other examples still being sold without the word COPY. I can say that these fakes and counterfeits where produced in the tens of thousands. It's also apparent that many of the owners and buyers don't realize they're counterfeit Morgan Dollars.

If you're not sure what a counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollar looks like, or can't tell a fake from authentic, then look at the images below of counterfeits and fakes.

The above is obviously counterfeit for many reasons and the incorrect date and mint mark should be the first thing noticed. No CC (Carson City) were minted in 1895. Incorrect mint marks i.e. 1887-CC, 1888-CC, 1878-O, 1902-CC, or any Morgan with a D mint mark other than the 1921, are but one problem when it comes to counterfeits, but it's the most easiest to discern once you know the appropriate dates and mint marks combinations. Here's a value chart for reference Morgan Dollar Value Charts.

Of course, this so-called 1895-CC has more going against than an incorrect mint mark, even the letters and numbers and other design features are "off" when you compare it to the authentic Morgan Dollar image above it. Another note, all business strike (for circulation) 1895 Morgans have either and S (San Francisco) or an O (New Orleans) mint mark, the 1895 without a mint mark is only found as a proof.

Just remember, if it looks odd, it may be a fake or counterfeit, and silver dollar collectors should always be wary of the "too-good-to-be-true-deal". Also, any suspect fake should be weighed and examined my an expert.

Above is an example of a fake 1895-CC Morgan Dollar, and it has the same appearance as the other fake silver dollar images, with disproportionate letters/numbers; notice the 9 in the date. Also, no 1895 CC Morgan Dollars exist, and only proofs were struck from Philadelphia so no mint mark types exists! These coins are rare and collectors need to err on the side of caution when purchasing any rare coins.

Fake 1903-CC Morgan Silver Dollar
This coin's metal content is steel (it sticks to a magnet) and no 1903 CC's ever created. It's a good replica of a date and mint mark combination that never existed, but one look at the font of the date and you can tell it's wrong.
As you can see in the above image, the fake 1884 weighs half of what an authentic Morgan Dollar should weigh. Also notice that the authentic 1892 silver dollar has a lot more evidence of wear but still weighs double verses the counterfeit.
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