Quoted from their website: "Independent Certification Services (ICS) is a service designed for you. 

While we do work with some large wholesalers, You, the independent coin collector is primarily why we are here.  We offer affordable, expedient and reliable grading for the everyday collector who wishes to both protect and have a third party determine the quality and/or value of a coin.  That's why we started this service....FOR YOU!

We also offer the highest level of security.  Revolutionizing the way grading services operate is our forte.  We have developed a system which guarantees that no slab graded by ICS could ever be manipulated.  With special PVC free sealant, any tampering will turn the edges of the holders blue.

Sacramento, CA 95864"

Website: http://independentcertificationservices.com/page2.html

I hope you, the visitor of this web page, found this website before you purchased a graded coin at ebay or any other online venue. If not, don't despair, because here you will find all the information you need to buy graded coins without getting ripped off. It's better to learn this information now than never.

Ebay is only one of many websites that contain coin auctions or coins for sale in holders with an assigned grade. It's also apparent that uninformed collectors assume that a coin in a holder is authentic and graded appropriately, but such is not always the case.

It doesn't take a degree or training to buy coin holders, create the labels of your choice and encase coins inside. Furthermore, if you know how much coins are worth in different grades than you would be able to grade any coin, a grade of your choice, for the most profit. However, it doesn't stop there as many decide that can pass-off cleaned coins as problem free, or fake coins as authentic. If that's not enough, some have chosen to fake holders from the most respected grading services like PCGS and NGC.

So, I hope each visitor takes heed to the information contained in these web pages and buys graded coins accordingly.
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