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U.S. Coin Rolls: How Many Coins In A Roll By Denomination

Small Cents (Flying Eagle Cents, Indian Cents, Wheat Cents, Memorial Cents) = 50 coins with a face value of .50 cents
Nickels (5 Cents) (Liberty Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels) = 40 coins with a face value of $2.00
Dimes (Seated Dimes, Barber Dimes, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, etc.)= 50 coins with a face value of $5.00
Quarters (Seated Quarters, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Washington Quarters, etc.)= 40 coins with a face value of $10.00
Half Dollars (Seated Halves, Walking Liberty Halves, Franklin Halves, Kennedy Halves)= 20 coins with a face value of $10.00
Dollars (Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Eisenhower Dollars, etc.)= 20 coins with a face value of $20.00
Small Dollars (Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, Presidential Dollars)= 25 coins with a face value of $25.00
Remember this, no matter what the coins are housed in, paper or plastic, a roll of coins will always contain the same amount of coins, if they are of the same denomination. There's exceptions to this rule since $1 nickel wrappers still exist and contain 20 coins instead of 40, but these are not readily available today.
Here is the best method of manually determining the amount of coins in a roll. Here's an example formula: Most should now know a roll of quarters have a face value of $10.00 and a one quarter is .25 cents, so we can divide $10.00 by .25 and this equals 40, and is the correct number of coins in a roll of quarters.  So, the next time you count your coins you won't be guessing how many go into each roll.

Nickels contain $2.00 and one nickel is .05 cents, so $2.00 divides by .05 cents equals 40 coins.

It doesn't matter if the roll is paper, bank wrapped or in plastic tubes, all contain the same amount of coins for each denomination.
Did you know you can find mint errors in rolls of coins? You should search your coins for mint errors before you roll them and check all rolls before you cash them in! I think I found a mint error.