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$50 American Eagle Gold Bullion 1986-Present
The U.S. $50 Gold Bullion Coin is the second highest denomination of any United States Coin. It's worth at least $100-$200 above the current gold melt and is not known for rare key dates. However, an MS70 (highest grade a coin can attain) can dramatically increase the value of the coin. It called condition rarities and the following dates are worth five figures in MS70: 1988, 1994, 1996, but the other dates in this grade are worth several thousand as well.

Some of the better dates that bring a little more than $200 above the current gold melt are as follow: 2007-W, 2008-W, 2011-W, 2012, 2012-W. All the mintages are low for these bulllion coins and the highest mintage is the 1999 with 1,505,026 minted.

Proof strikes of the $50 Gold Bullion coins are extremely low and are almost all below 50,000 and somem much lower. If it wasn't for the fact that all the coins minted are hoarded and not lost or cirulated then some of these dates and mints would become extreme rarities.

Specifications: 1 ounce Fine Gold, American Gold Eagle, Bullion Coin

Obverse - Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Reverse - Miley Busiek

Diameter: 32.7 millimeters

Metal content:
Gold - 91.7%
Silver - 3.0%
Copper - 5.3%

Weight: 33.93 grams

Edge: Reeded

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
West Point, New York

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