united states double struck mint error

I would like to introduce our new United States Mint Error Guide. We have several picture examples of each mint error, so if you ever need to know what type mint error you have have, or just want to see some dramatic mint error pictures, then I suggest visiting these links. Below is a list of mint errors you can view.

Wrong Planchet
Die Cracks
Broad Strike
Clipped Planchet
Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
Die Clash
Lamination (Cracked) Error
Double Die
Cud (Extra Metal)
In Collar Strike
Multiple Strikes
Die Adjustment Strike
Filled Die
Over Date
Missing Clad Layer
Strike Through
Misaligned Dies
Brokage Strike
Split Planchet
Cracked Planchet
Defective Planchet
Fold-Over Strike
Capped Die
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