I often discover professional and great numismatic websites, and sometimes I make friends with the owners. However it’s rare that a website owner is like myself in many ways, and seeks open partnerships that help both sides.

Rigo, owner and founder of Collectors Unleashed (CU) is just such a person. Rigo’s website is a great place to visit but it’s not just a numismatic website. CU is for ALL collectors who collect anything. The site features a forum and blogs plus shopping pages to find collectibles at ebay.

It doesn’t matter what you collect, clocks, glassware, pottery, coins or any collectible people collect, you can post questions for their value, condition and authenticity on their forum. Rigo is knowledgeable in many areas of collectibles.

Also, their blogs feature many interesting videos and there’s contest to win items. So if you need information on collectible other than coins pay CU a visit. Collectors Unleashed