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Buy 2012 Silver Eagles For $45 And Less PCGS MS70 $70 And Less

Everywhere you look there’s seems to be ads for selling bullion to potential customers. Along with the ads, come the hype, and the predictions of the silver market. It gives the impression that you must be in a hurry before it’s too late.

Although I do recommend NOW as the time to buy bullion, I also urge caution. Shop around, do Google searches, and find the best deals on Silver Eagles and bullion in general. Some of the bullion services are a little pricey and I will discuss this further.

You can buy Silver American Eagles (SAE’s) for $45 and less and I have seen prices of under $40, but you need to shop around. Ebay is a great place to bid for the lowest prices so bid what you would pay and you will eventually win coins at your price.

Every bullion service is clamoring for your business and even offer PCGS MS70 graded SAE’s for well over $100 dollars and some $85 dollars, and others much more. However, some offer MS70 in NGC, ANACS and ICG holders, and in that order they go down in value.

PCGS has the value advantage and are the most trusted grading service. So MS70 SAE’s in their holder will sell for more than the same in NGC, ANACS or ICG holders. So don’t pay the same price for NGC, ANACS or ICG MS70 SAE’s as you would for PCGS examples.

All of these, too many to name, bullion dealers claim they’re the top or one of the top bullion dealers. Who cares? how do purchases from them make it better on your wallet? None of them, since they must pay a large over-head that includes expensive advertising, hiring employees, having a physical business expense, not to mention all the other expenses.

So they must cover this over-head with higher prices and make buyers think they’re the best place to buy silver bullion. Also, they defend their price by comparing to other, and the same, businesses they’re competing with. Who cares?

If you want to buy SAE’s for $45 or less and PCGS MS70 SAE’s for less than $70 then you need to visit ebay. Here’s a link if you don’t believe me SAE’s graded and raw at ebay

These large bullion dealers want you to believe that ebay is just a place to get an occasional deal on silver bullion, but that’s a lie. Millions of collectors and investors will agree that ebay is the best place to buy bullion, especially graded bullion.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some bullion dealers that offer just as good prices, but they’re hard to find, or get you on shipping or make you buy a certain amount.  To be fair I did find a website that charges less than $40 for SAE’s but I don’t know what they charge for shipping. You can check them out here wholesalecoinsdirect.com

If you do buy from them I would like to hear your experience and final cost. Because it’s time to stop buying the inflated prices from these large bullion dealers that prey on the ignorance of the public.

Just remember, don’t listen to any bullion dealers hype, don’t pay any attention to published retail values, and look at the facts before you buy another Silver American Eagle. These U.S. Coins are great investments and that shouldn’t be ruined by the over-inflated price guides or dealer price offers.

No matter what you’ve been told, what you think, or what you want to believe, SAE’s raw and graded, can be purchased for less at ebay. One thing to consider, it seems the ebay auction format is the best method of obtaining the best deal since some of the bullion dealers sell at ebay and must make a certain amount of profit to stay in business and make their owners rich.

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  1. Alan Canavan Alan Canavan
    October 2, 2012    

    This is a well written and informative article, Thanks for all the info on my favorite coin.

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