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Buy Gold And Silver Now

Buy Gold And Silver Now

Buy Gold And Silver Now I don’t care why it’s down, don’t really understand why either (people are still buying at record numbers), but silver and gold values are down. The experts can blame China, the USD or Santa Claus for all I care, the fact is, silver and gold is a great bargain right […]

How To Buy Coins Ebay Guide

How To Buy Coins Ebay Guide

How To Buy Coins Ebay… You should know some important facts before buying coins at ebay. You just can’t pick just any auction and seller, because you will eventually get burned. Buying Coins By Grade: You must be careful buying raw coins that appear to be a high grade or gem because not all sellers […]

Reporting Ebay Coin Auctions


I have been asked how to report an ebay listing that violates ebay’s listing policy so I wrote this article to help you do that. Reporting ebay coin auctions is easy and fast and should be used each time we browse an auction that is violating policy. We should report sellers who do violate ebay policy, […]

Halloween Haunted Coins | Ghost &...

Halloween Haunted Coins | Ghost & Ghoul Coins

Halloween Haunted Coins It’s that time of year or is any time of year appropriate? I mean ghosts don’t just haunt around Halloween and now coins with ghost and zombies are in collector’s possession all year round as well. So here’s what we found to satisfy the Halloween Haunted Coin collecting souls. The 2015 Haunted Canada […]

Cut Carved Coins | Post Mint Damage N...

cut carved coins

Cut Carved Coins & Images Here’s some images of damaged coins and these are all post mint damage coins or commonly referred to as PMD. What happened to these coins could not happen at the US Mint so these are not mint errors. These coins are also not flawed and/or faulty planchets since they were […]

1913 Fake Liberty V Nickel

1913 Fake Liberty V Nickel

1913 Fake Liberty V Nickel The above image is a fake 1913 Liberty V Nickel. It’s an altered 1910 Liberty V Nickel made to look like a 1913 Fake Liberty V Nickel. The creator actually pushed and carefully molded the 0 so it looks like a three even with the “bulb” serifs. I had to use a […]

Facebook Auction Images

Facebook Auction Images

Here’s the most current images of coins I have listed in our Facebook group Coin Collecting Help Auctions. You can join here Facebook Auction Group You can click on these images to see the coins at full size. If you would like to buy these images they are also for sell. I can crop them […]

Ugliest U.S. Coins

Ugliest U.S. Coins

Ugly United States coins that should have never been made. The coins two things in common; they’re rare and valuable and all of them are poorly rendered designs. The pattern coin above is dated 1838 and the design is attributed to William Kneass and Christian Gobrecht. The coin’s obverse bust has more of a manly appearance […]

Time To Buy Gold Coins

Time To Buy Gold Coins

Buy Gold Coins Gold value is now under $1,200 an ounce and it’s time to buy as much as you can. Anytime is a good time to buy gold but now is one of the best times. If you don’t know much about gold coins but are interested in learning and buying them then you should […]

How a Coin Dealers See Other Coin Dea...

How a Coin Dealers See Other Coin Dealers

In the past, we’ve written articles on how to identify reputable coin dealers. These have been some of our most popular articles, based on the social media activity we’ve seen, so we thought that we would take a slightly different approach to the topic. All of the information that we’ve previously shared on how to […]

Seven Ways to Avoid Losing Money in t...

silverquarters (1)

The following article was written by Tony Davis of Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of Coin Auctions Help or its owner(s): Recently we’ve met with a few individuals who were the heirs of estate coin and currency collections only to find that many of the items had little to […]

New Coin Grading Services At Ebay War...

New Coin Grading Services At Ebay Warning-PCG/MGC

Some collectors will never learn. I try my best to inform all collectors that just because a coin is in a holder and graded, doesn’t mean the coin will be the graded listed on the holder. Don’t be a fool for this trick. Pictures can be manipulated with lighting, angles and photo editor software, and you […]

How Not to Value Your Old and Rare Co...

How Not to Value Your Old and Rare Coins

As an experienced coin dealer who has been in the industry for a number of years, we frequently see a large number of old and rare coins come across our desk. Our familiarity with these coins allows us to properly evaluate, grade and value these coins. By and large most of our customers have done […]

Three Reasonably Priced European Gold...

Three Reasonably Priced European Gold Coins That You Should Consider

As was the case in the United States, most European countries produced gold coins for general circulation into the 20th century. This occurred at a time when the gold standard was still in existence, which has since been abandoned. When fiat currency was introduced, individuals began to take a closer look at the previously issued […]

Why You Should Invest In Silver &...

Why You Should Invest In Silver & Which Coins to Consider

    Historically regarded as the poor man’s gold, silver has wide uses from an investment perspective as well as for industrial purposes. Below we’ll highlight a few of the many uses of silver and discuss which silver coin investment options you should consider pursuing. Silver’s Marketable Uses While silver is no longer valued as […]