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$4.00 Gold Stella
The exact mintage of each piece is unknown. The Flowing Hair variety, pictured above, is the most numerous at 400+ examples known.
1879 $4.00 Gold Stella
$4 Stella "Coiled Hair" aluminum planchet
$4 Stella "Flowing Hair" aluminum planchet
$4 Stella "Coiled Hair" copper planchet
Not pictured (If you have one, send it to us).

$4 Stella "White Metal" planchet

$4 Stella "Flowing Hair" copper planchet
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Gold Coins Were Illegal To Own
It's amazing, that at one time in American History, that it was illegal to own already collected and circulated gold coinage. In 1933, spear-headed by the President Franklin Roosevelt, the US Government did just that; enacting legislation that made it illegal for US Citizens to own US Gold Coins. It was an attempt to bring America out of the depression state and save financial institutions in the US and was backed by a punishment of $10,000 or imprisonment!

People panicked, some rushed to relinquish their gold holdings and turned it over to the government to be melted, but many others buried their coins in fear of being punished. Fortunately, such is not the case now and numismatist can freely buy and own gold coins. Like never before, collectors are buying gold coins and bullion, but it still begs the question; How much buried and hidden coins are still to be found?

If you have found any hidden coin treasures or want to share a story about a long lost hoard, share it here.
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