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1929 Series $20 National Currency Note Signed 063 – SS Portmar

Here’s a note that recently came into the shop. It’s a 1929 Series, $20, National Currency from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There’s nothing rare or special about this brown seal except one thing, it is signed 063 – SS Portmar.

I have not been around ships enough to know what the 063 stands for but it was obvious that the SS Portmar was a ship name and seemignly important to a person that owned this bill.

I did a little research and the SS Portmar was first built in 1919 and called Centaurus until 1930, and then purchased by the Calmar Shipping Company and renamed the SS Portmar. The date of the purchase and name change is none other than 1929, the same date series of the $20 note!

The SS Portman actually served as a shipping vessel during WWII when it was commissioned by the United Stated Department of War from 1942-43.  The ship was a 1013 design as part of War Time (WWI) orders of the USSB.

If anyone knows what the 063 stands for or has anymore information on this note then feel free to comment or send me an email.

Here’s a couple more images of the complete note and our resource for this information came from wikipedia

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