Designer: George T. Morgan

Diameter: 38.1 millimeters

Metal Content:
Silver - 90%
Copper - 10%

Weight: 26.73 grams

Edge: Reeded

Mint mark: If none can be found it is (Philadelphia Mint), but many have the mint marks D (Denver Mint - 1921 only), S (San fransisco Mint), O (New Orleans Mint).

Note: This George T. Morgan creation has become America's most collected, famous, and abundant silver dollar. Coupled with the coin's size, silver content, beautiful design and high mintages it's no wonder it's coin collectors most favorite coin. 


Mintage:  44,690,000 Proofs: 25-30
1921 Morgan Dollar the last year for the Morgan Dollar
1921 Morgan Dollar Values, Facts
1921 Morgan Dollar
It's rare to find 1921 Morgan Dollars in proof like or deep mirror proof like. A true PL or DMPL 1921 will have an obvious contrast between the cameo (frosty) devices and the mirror like fields, and there should be at least a clear 2-5 inch reflection in PL, and 5-8 inch reflection for a DMPL.
1878 with reverse of 1878 (concave).
1878 with reverse of 1879 (convex).
1921 Reverse Eagle's breast
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Date           Mintage    VG8   VF20  EF40  AU55  MS63  MS65

1921       44,690,000   $25    $26     $27    $29      $45    $150
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