1914-D Lincoln Cent Counterfeit

Here’s several 1914-D Lincoln Cent Counterfeit and altered coins.

1914-D Lincoln Cent Counterfeit

1914-D Lincoln Cent Counterfeit Incorrect Mint Mark Font

The above 1914-D is a struck counterfeit and has the wrong mint mark font, no defining die markers and the die surface was altered to hide any imperfections.

This counterfeit was purchased in the 1970’s by a collector so it’s not new version. I personally tried to remove the mint mark and didn’t see any evidence it was added.

Below is an example of what an authentic mint mark should look like.

1914-D Lincoln Cent Authentic Mint Mark Shape

Here’s another 1914-D Lincoln Cent struck counterfeit that also has an incorrect mint mark, wrong placement and has sustained some environmental damage from extreme heat.

1914-D Lincoln Cent Counterfeit

This is a 1944-D Lincoln Cent modified to look like a 1914-D.

1914-D Lincoln Cent Altered Date

Many fakes abound so collectors need to be weary of raw coins and seek advise or buy already authenticated key date coins.