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The coin guide links below are small part of the guides that CoinHELP! offers, we have resource pages for every United States Coin types and denominations, a discussion forum with many helpful topics and posts, plus a US Coin Collector's blog full of articles to help you learn about coins and be a better coin collector.

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World Coin Guides, Images, Facts

1916-D Mercury Silver Dime ID Authenticate
The most counterfieted key date in US Coin collecting, learn how to identify and authenticate this most often altered dime. So don't buy one or try to sell one until you read these facts and examine these images.

1937-D Buffalo Nickel ID Authenticate
One of the most famous mint error coins and one of the most misunderstood. Learn how to weed out the fakes from the authentic.

The First Coin Grading Service
ANACS American Numismatic Association Certification Service is the first coin grading service. No matter what you've been told ANACS begin assigning grades beginning in 1979 as an option.

How to identify authentic 1912-S Liberty V Nickels
Learn how to identify authentic 1912-S Liberty V Nickel rare key date US Coin.

How to identify authentic 1893-S Morgan Dollars
Learn how to identify real 1893-S Morgan Dollars, the most rare business strike Morgan Dollar.

1894 Morgan Dollar Is The Second Rarest Of the Series
Learn how to identify real 1894 Morgan Dollars, the second most rare business strike Morgan Dollar.